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In July, Norweigian scinetists documented pola bears eating dolphins in the Arctic. The researchers said: 'Interspecific interactions those between different species were less frequently aggressive than intraspecific interactions those between bears of the same species, but polar bears were more likely to be displaced from the feeding site by grizzly bears than by conspecifics a member. However, this sub-species of the brown bear is an extremely adaptable, capable of taking advantage of a variety of

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food sources from salmon, to berries and large mammals like elk. In July Norwegian scientists saw polar bears eating dolphins in the Arctic (pictured) and they say global warming is to blame. A stock image of a confrontation is shown. An adult male can weigh between 7721,543lbs (350700 kg) and can measure between 7ft and 9ft 10 inches in length.

top 10 dating sites norweigian

There are concerns the aggressive behaviour could put polar bear populations under even more stress at a time when there are concerns about global warming harming their habitat. The experts also observed different bears at the feeding site at different times of day. Journal of Mammalogy, will shed light on the plight of bears forced further onto land. Each autumn, both species are attracted to Kaktovik in Alaska, to dine on whale carcasses, which are discarded by local hunts from communities living along the Alaskan portion of the Beaufort Sea coast. The aggressive bears are sometimes twice as small as the large polar bears, but this doesn't stop them chasing the larger predators away. Polar bears VS grizzly bears, polar bears are the largest living land predator. Polar bears feed mainly on seals so Jon Aars at the Norwegian Polar Institute was shocked to see dolphins being eaten by a bear. Retreating sea ice is forcing some polar bear populations to increasingly forage for food on land during summer and autumn.

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top 10 dating sites norweigian

For example, polar bear families tended to dine at dawn and dusk, while lone adult polar bears and Arctic grizzly bears chose to feed at night. While polar bears are often seen as solitary hunters, as many as 20 have been recorded harmoniously sharing a carcass. Polar bears seen eating dolphins FOR first time. Adult grizzlies, by comparison grow up to 290400 lb (130180 kg) for females and 400790 lb (180360 kg) for males. They say they probably became trapped by the sudden arrival of dense ice blown into a fjord by strong northerly winds. The team hopes their study, published in the. But Norwegian scientists have reported a strong retreat of ice and two nearly ice-free winters in recent years which they said could have attracted the dolphins further north. Usually, dolphins only go up north during the summer, but warmer warmers have caused them to arrive in spring, only for some to be devoured by hungry polar bears. Although dolphins are regularly seen in the Norwegian Arctic in the summer months when the ice has melted, they have never been observed during winter or spring when the sea is usually still covered in sheets of ice.